Join our professional and certified climbing instructors for an exciting, two-days of rock climbing, challenge course and rappelling on tall, vertical walls in various locations of Arizona.

This Adventure begins with a short interpretative hike within the beautiful Sonoran Desert which leads to the base of majestic rock cliffs which are considered to be some of the best climbing routes in Arizona. Here we will don rock climbing shoes, helmets and harnesses. After a climbing introduction on the "basics", including several knot tying skills, belaying skills, safety protocols and climbing techniques used on real rock - we will then rope up and start climbing the sheer granite walls utilizing top rope climbing methods. Expect to be surprised by what you are capable of climbing after just several hours of instruction and training.

This adventure is perfect for those looking for their first climbing experience, or for experienced indoor rock gym climbers looking for an outdoor challenge.

There are more than a dozen routes to choose from. Some climbs are very easy and others offer more challenge. Each ends with stunning views. Participants will have the chance to climb several of the routes and try rappelling on the high cliff walls. Our highly experienced climbing instructors will share their knowledge and skill in all aspects of climbing. Many of them have guided around the world and enjoy sharing their stories of adventures in the mountains. Your safety and enjoyment are always their primary concern.

Few experiences are as exciting or rewarding as one of our Adventure Series Trips. But this is adventure with purpose. Our Adventure Series courses are designed to bring you face to face with nature utilizing the skills we teach you. They offer you the chance to discover firsthand the fascinating diversity of America's Southwestern deserts, and to find that you are capable of doing things that perhaps you never dreamed possible.

For Amazon Local purchasers, call us to see what dates are available, then fill out our Online Application Form to register and reserve your spot.

Keeping our groups small means more focus on providing the best experience possible. Small groups are not only better for the environment, but allow you to get up close and personal with the people, wildlife and surroundings. We invite you to join us on an adventure, the rewards are many, and you may find the experience to be the time of your life!

"But love of the wilderness is more than a hunger for what is always beyond reach; it is also an expression of loyalty to the earth which bore us and sustains us, the only home we shall ever know, the only paradise we ever need - if only we had eyes to see."- Ed Abbey

Note: We do have minimum age limits to participate on our Adventure Courses. You should be in good physical condition and we recommend that you have prior hiking experience.

Our Adventure Courses are NOT “supervised tourist climbing experiences” or a "climbing club outing", with dozens of people in a "class" constrained to give you only a taste of climbing without really providing effective instruction.

Our courses take place in some of the most beautiful climbing areas in the Southwest, and our student to instructor ratios are conducive to learning.

The Adventure Courses are designed to provide personalized and comprehensive instruction at a basic level, allowing you to develop a solid foundation upon which to build more advanced climbing knowledge and skills. With a small student-to-instructor ratio you can expect to maximize your learning, safety, success and enjoyment as well as minimize impact on the Sonoran desert environment.

Feel the excitement and adrenaline rush of your first outdoor rock climb! If you've never climbed before or have limited experience, this is the course for you. Rock climbing's special combination of mental and physical challenges make it a unique experience. Once you've tried it, you're hooked.

The intrinsic rewards that come from combining concentration, agility, balance, strength and judgement are unequalled in any other sport. Nothing heightens the senses more than the combination of delight and relief that comes from reaching the top of a demanding rock climbing route. Whatever standard you rock climb at, from novice to expert, these feelings remain the same. The key lies in seeking out new and exciting challenges.

Curriculum begins with our specialized "ground school", in which we focus on the basics.
• Balance
• Weight distribution
• Energy conservation
• Choreographing moves
• Bouldering concepts

Our instruction also includes detailed explanations on:
• Equipment - proper use & care
• Knots
• Safety protocols
• Hands-on belaying (instructor discretion)
• Communication signals
• Climbing terminology
• Rappelling
• Anchors
• Negotiating obstacles

These confidence-building exercises in balance, technique and trust are key to your individual progress and enjoyment of rock climbing and rappelling.

Note: You can expect to spend 20% of the day at our outdoor "ground school" learning safety, signals/basic climbing methods and 80% climbing, rappelling and having fun.

The second day is dedicated to the skills involved in Rappelling and is an essential part of the overall rock climbing experience.

After a brief review of the basic rappelling fundamentals, it's back to the rock to learn the fine art of setting up a safe and effective rappelling system. Done right, rappelling is a fantastic experience. Part of the initial thrill is fear, at least for most people. ACAS gives the student the opportunity to feel the excitement while at the same time learning and understanding the techniques involved in anchor systems and rappelling.

We'll cover the basic top rope anchoring system concepts - including artificial and natural anchor placements. Also included is information on ropes, carabiners, webbing, cordelettes, harnesses, rappelling devices and more.

As you continue to refine the basics, you'll encounter new and varied climbing opportunities and be exposed to more challenging rock. We also suggest taking our Beginner III Course, our extensive Intermediate Climbing Course and/or Anchors Course before you set out on your own. Available as a one-day or two-day course for the serious beginner climber. You will need a daypack (we rent daypacks if needed).

Adventure Duration: Up to 7.25 hours per day
Equipment & Gear: Climbing Shoes, Helmet, Harness are provided.
Activity Level: Moderate (see chart below)
What You Need To Bring: Water (4 quarts), Lunch, Snacks, Camera, Note Pad and Pen, Sun Block, Hiking Shoes, Long Hiking Pants or Shorts, T-Shirt, Small Day Pack ( A more complete list will be emailed to you upon signup).

What to expect? 
Any one of our outdoor courses, workshops and adventure trips in wilderness settings is going to entail getting small cuts and scrapes, coming into contact with rough rock surfaces, cactus and thorny vegetation and depending on the season, a wide range of temperatures. You will be hiking on both flat, steep and slippery terrain covered with loose gravel and boulders. Hikes can range in distance from a quarter to a half mile. Prepare yourself - We will be taking you out of your comfort zone to a place where desert creatures make their home.  Expect to get dirty, tired and sore. Expect your clothes to receive tears so wear something that can handle some abuse.

What else you can expect?
Expect your Adventure Series Climbing and Rappelling course to be dramatic, exciting, educational and fun, but be prepared for it to be even more. Your ACAS experience is still ahead of you. The itinerary has yet to be finalized; you and the uncontrollable forces of nature are about to write the story.

Be ready for anything. Get personally invested. Get excited. Get ready for one of the truly great outdoor experiences of your life!

We hope you look forward to being with us as much as we look forward to having you!

Youths must be a minimum of 16 years or older and accompanied by a parent to participate.

Our instructors have National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), Rescue 3 International and/or PCGI, American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) certification. We have 23 years of experience in the outdoor adventure-based business, a client base of over 37,000 students and perfect safety record, you can expect to receive the best canyoneering trip available in the Southwest!

Our Adventure Series Courses are kept smaller in size than our competitors, allowing for a more personalized wilderness experience, and a curriculumn that has more flexibility adding to the fun factor of top rope climbing and rappelling.

Along with spectacular views in very remote settings, the skills, challenges and the amazing sense of accomplishment you'll have at the end of this Adventure set us apart from everyone else in the business. 



..$260* per person one-day adventure (amazon deal)
..$420* per person two-day adventure

..October through June - Available any day of the week

..Class Size
..Minimum 2 - Maximum 14 per group

..Group discounts available

..12 and Up

..Included rental - harness, helmet, daypack, climbing gear**

..Queen Creek and Prescott (limited)

..6:00 am - Summer / 8:00 am - Fall /Winter/Spring


..Little or no rock climbing experience

..Course Info
..Pre-Trip information materials will be emailed
..to participants within 14-days of starting date.

Our Adventure Series Climbing and Rappelling Courses are offered on select days of the week - Call us to reserve a spot, advanced reservations are needed - Also see available scheduled dates below (more dates will be added as needed). Note: No courses available in August - We need a minimum of 3 people registered to do a course on the dates below.

For Amazon Local purchasers, call us to see what dates are available, then fill out our Online Application Form to register and reserve your spot.


..adventure rock – 4


..adventure rock – 14 (Prescott)


..adventure rock – 28


..adventure rock – 23 (Prescott)


..adventure rock – 21


..adventure rock – 15


..adventure rock – 11


..adventure rock – 13

health benefits of climbing:
For a rock climber, reaching the top is not the point.

Like rearing children, rock climbing is the journey that matters most if you are climbing for fitness.

Whether their journey lasts two hours or two days, rock climbers can benefit from a mental workout as well as a physical one, according to competitive climber Michelle Hurni, president of the Colorado-based American Sport Climbers Federation (ASCF). Physically, rock climbing burns fat while strengthening muscles if pursued at a vigorous pace. Mentally, rock climbers exercise their ability to focus fully on a single task, an increasingly rare occurrence in this age of multitasking.
Climbers also get practice confronting their fears- the fear of heights, the fear of falling, the fear of equipment failure. Ultimately, the sport can improve your self-confidence - if you learn how to climb safely, that is.

how many calories will rock climbing burn?
Ascending a natural rock wall burns up to 700 calories an hour if you weigh 140 pounds or up to 974 calories an hour if you weigh 190 pounds. Rock-climbing sessions tend to last at least six or seven hours.

further advantages:
In addition to offering an anaerobic and aerobic workout, rock climbing exercises almost every muscle group, according to Hurni of the ASCF. Rock climbing two or more times a week improves your strength, muscular and cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and mental toughness. click here for more info

Level of Difficulty
We rate each of our trips as "Easy", "Moderate", "Challenging" and "Strenuous" based on the level of physical ability and prerequisite skills required. This rating system is designed to help you decide which trip is most appropriate. Some trips may be a combination of different activity levels. In these cases we do our best to approximate the general difficulty level for the entire trip. Our trip ratings are subjective and relative to fluctuating environmental conditions as well.






most days involve fairly easy travel and easy activity, if required at all.

these trips combine a moderate level of activities for both "off the beaten track" and basecamp exploration

these trips are physically challenging and usually set in remote and rugged wilderness regions. challenging terrain encountered.

these trips involve strenuous activity in remote and rugged terrain and encounters with wildlife, loose footing, rough seas, extreme weather, etc.

activities and weather

day hikes, 4wd, flat-water kayaking, average weather conditions

trekking. sea kayaking, white water rafting, camping, single pitch rock climbing, moderate weather conditions

backpacking (light loads under 35 pounds), sea kayaking, multi-pitch rock climbing, cold or hot weather conditions

backpacking (heavy loads over 35 pounds), sea kayaking, multi-pitch rock climbing


no experience required

some experience required

previous experience often recommended

previous experience strongly recommended and sometimes required



very good



per day

4 - 6 hours

6 - 8 hours

6 - 10 hours

8 - 12 hours

highest altitude

5,000 feet

6,500 feet

9,000 feet

13,000 feet

To sign up for our canyoneer course call or email us to check availability. If a course is open click on the On-line Application Form or go to our application and map (meeting point) site, print out both the Application (PDF), Map and Waiver. Fill out the application and fax or mail it to us (don't fax the waiver, just bring it the day of your course).

Note: *Summer courses start at 6:00 a.m. - October thru April Intermediate courses start at 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 depending upon weather at the designated pick-up point. Call us the day before your course starts to verify start time. Bring your own snacks, lunch, water, sunblock and wear appropriate clothing. Camera (disposable), writing pad and pen are recommended.
*Summer courses - May 1 thru September 30.

course cancellations
While it is unlikely, if the Arizona Climbing and Adventure School cancels a course due to insufficient reservations or conditions beyond our control (weather, etc.); alternate dates or refunds will be given as preferred. If you cancel within 14 days prior to your session, rescheduling your course can be expected. There are no refunds on gift certificates. If you fail to show at the designated meeting place at the appointed time you will be charged for the course - there are no exceptions. If you would like to reschedule within 48-hours of the course's starting date, you may do so. To receive a full monetary refund (minus a 20% handling fee), 14 days notice is required (expect a refund within 2 billing cycles or 60-days of your course date). You may also want to purchase travel insurance due to cancellations – click here for more information.

Although we spare no effort to assure a safe program, we can assume no responsibility for your safety or loss of personal equipment. In a sport of this nature an element of risk is inherent and beyond human control. A signed release (waiver) will be required of all participants. A parent or guardian release is required for students under the age of 18. These can be obtained in advance by contacting our office or downloading from our website.

Our select staff are certified outdoor guides and have received extensive training from the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), Outward Bound Wilderness (OBW). the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA), Wilderness Medicine Institute (WMI), Climb Smart! and Leave No Trace (LNT) or are members and partners of the American Alpine Club, American Safe Climbing Association and Access Fund. They follow strict procedural guidelines and safety protocols set by these institutes and by the Arizona Climbing and Adventure School (ACAS).